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Step-up Residential Schooling

Step-up Residential Schooling

STEP-UP RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLING is a project run by COGF for street children who have no formal education and have been subject to abuse. COGF engages in a three-step approach towards complete rehabilitation of the street kids:

The activities are focused on assisting children to recover from drug, abuse with the help of medical practitioner & counsellors. Art is an important and universal means of human expression. “The use of art for healing and mastery is at least as old as the drawings on the walls of caves”. Expressive arts include activities such as dancing, drawing, drama, and creativity. Creative arts allow children the opportunity to grow and develop self-awareness through self-expression. This has been shown to reduce stress and accelerate psychological and physical healing Expressive arts are integrated into each stage of the children’s development. Through a wide variety of programs, COGF facilitates emotional and creative expression, helps heal psychological wounds, and accelerates developmental growth through its use of the arts. Children receive music instruction and have regular access to instruments. Children have access to donated art supplies and regularly draw and paint. Many participate in creative writing, journaling, and poetry.

COGF aims to reintegrate children into the public school system and society at large and thus de-stigmatize marginalized children. A progressive non-formal education project was introduced using innovative training tools. These focused on techniques of working with children of varying capacities and levels of learning, monitoring and evaluation, learning through play, and self-learning. Children who are above 12 years are taught in a 3-step module (with specially designed syllabus) for 3 years. After completion of 3 years, the child is prepared to give his 10th through N.I.O.S. (Delhi Open School). Children below 12 years are admitted to formal schooling.

Rehabilitation is the process of re-integration of the child into the society. Once the child finishes his basic education, he or she is encouraged to pursue a profession of their choice along with a job to support them. The child is then relocated into the society. The main objective of COGF is to see vulnerable kids transformed into fulfilled responsible individuals.

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