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Children of God Foundation (COGF)

How all things happen

Children of God Foundation (COGF) is a Non-profitable Organization, established in 2006 with a unique vision, to transform the young lives on the streets through Gods love, better security and right education.

C.O.G.F aims at reaching out to these children through our Outreach program, they then become involved in step-in center programs, though still living in the streets. Later if a child is ready to change his / her life, then the child is taken under our care and rehabilitated under our Rehabilitation projects according to the child’s age where he or she becomes gradually & fully separated from street life.

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Inner Healing

The activities are focused on assisting children to recover from drug abuse and trauma with the help of medical practitioners & counsellors.

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COGF reintegrates children into the public school system and society at large and thus de-stigmatize them.

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Rehabilitation is the process of re-integration of the child into the society. Once the child finishes his basic education.

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Volunteers can get involved by

It is a campaign to get the volunteers involved in the movement. The volunteers can get involved by

  • Becoming‘reach-out’ partners they can commit an hour a day to teach under privileged children who are above 12years of age at our centres.
  • Becoming‘resource’ partners where they collect clothes, crayons, bags, toys books and school supplies for children in need.
  • Becoming‘research’ partners where creative volunteers are willing to utilize their time and talent to help us develop educational material for the children.
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