Love Them, Respect Them, Guide Them


The outreach programme is designed to create a difference in the life of street children by spending quality time with them on weekends and engaging them in sports activities. Trust building with the parents and children through regular visits and identifying children in immediate need by making daily visits to platform.

It has been noticed as time passes by, streetchildren lose their desire to change their lives and end up accepting their lives the way it is, which leads them into numerous addictions and crimes.

As a part of this programme, COGF reaches out to such children and orients them gradually. This process helps the children to deal with trust issues, expressing their emotions and understanding themselves better.

COGF is currently reaching out to street children in Kurla,Bhandup and Kalwa in Mumbai. The significant changes that the children go through,motivates us to reach out to more children and help them live a better life.

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